COVID-19 – Measures Taken

At Westlite Accommodation, our residents’ safety is our utmost concern and we have taken extensive preventive measures to manage COVID-19, and to ensure our residents’ safety and wellbeing while staying with us.

Management Notice

At Westlite Accommodation, the safety and wellbeing of our residents is of utmost importance and we are committed to providing them with a safe and secure living community.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we work closely with Malaysia’s government agencies such as the Ministry of Health Malaysia and Malaysian National Security Council to implement pandemic control measures. With their guidelines and recommendations, we enact appropriate systems, processes and measures to mitigate and contain potential mass outbreaks, risks and safeguard our Westlite community. These measures are implanted across all Malaysia Westlite Accommodation workers dormitories.

Precautionary Measures Taken at Westlite Dormitories

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, our safe management measures at our Westlite Accommodation dormitories may change depending on the latest guidelines and recommendations from the government. The list of measures list below are non-exhaustive and may be relaxed depending on the latest guidelines. To learn more about latest safe management measures, please email

  • Strengthened control for tenants’ movement in/out to/from dormitory, only allow tenant leaving dormitory for working purpose and for purchasing of essential grocery items
  • Disallowing tenants from leaving dormitory for more than 24 hours
  • Working closely with associations such as FMM to obtain latest government SOP and guidelines on CMCO, RMCO, EMCO etc
  • Established communication with MOH, NSC and local police near dormitory to obtain timely updates and seek advice
  • Engaged local authorities to assist on patrolling around all our sites to ensure no gathering inside and around dormitory areas
  • Established communication with customers to inform precautionary measures and updates related to COVID-19


  • Enforced staff and tenants to wear masks (when outside of their own units). Disallowing tenants to move around without mask; Giving warning to miscompliant tenants and informing their employers
  • Implemented safe distancing at areas such as turnstiles and minimart
  • Closed down and disallowing meals in canteen
  • Suspended all social activities
  • Closed head office and implemented working from home for non-essential service departments
  • Separated operations team at dormitory, implemented contactless meetings among operation team

  • Periodic disinfectant misting along common walkways / corridors
  • Increased focus on cleaning of common areas, including high touch points such as turnstiles, lift buttons (if any), staircase railings, and to use alcohol disinfectant for cleaning
  • Implemented compulsory overnight cleaning for high touch points after tenants return from work
  • Implemented spring cleaning and advised tenant to carry out cleaning of their units
  • Placed hand sanitisers at common corridors and at each resident blocks
  • Standardised schedule for sanitising high touch points (3 times a day), and sanitising spraying (3 – 4 times per week), while ensuring record of these activities
  • Installed and implemented thermal scanners at all 8 dormitories
  • Placed gand sanitisers at every security post, office and entrance of dormitory
  • Prepared PPE inside Isolation Room, including: masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitiser, trash bin, record book, gowns & aprons

  • Temporarily turned off facial recognition function at turnstile system to minimise residents touching their own faces
  • Ensured sufficient food supply by working closely with mini marts. We have also procured a list of food caterers in case food delivery to tenants is required
  • Requested updates from customers on COVID-19 cases at work sites
  • Implemented daily temperature checks for the tenants inside dormitory
  • Managing and monitoring tenants movement, particularly for tenants going out from dormitories
  • Established protocol for handling sick tenant. Any tenant with fever will be sent to clinic immediately to await for doctor’s diagnosis. If tenant is declared Covid-19-free, the tenant will be placed in sick bay for isolation and monitoring until full recovery
  • Established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in managing situations related to Covid-19 cases
  • Set up offsite isolation units (At Desa Cemerlang) to allocate workers that may require isolation (upon request by customers)
  • Prepared and set up 1 Isolation Unit inside dormitory and 1 temporary isolation room outside
  • Established guidelines to frontline staff on 100% temperature screening. Any resident with a temperature of 38 degree or higher, need to be held in isolation room, second temperature check to be conducted 3-5 minutes later, and if temperature remains high, resident will be sent to the clinic/hospital for medical treatment.
  • Kick started 100% temperature screening for all tenants entering dormitory/ returning from work since 14 February 2020
  • Briefed all staff regarding coronavirus precaution
  • Informed employees with fever, flu, cough and breathing difficulties to get medical attention immediately.
  • Conducted temperature checks on all visitors at the dormitories
  • Recording temperature of all staff and residents

  • Put up additional safe management signage and posters (along common walking paths) such as compulsory of Wearing Masks within dorm compound and always keep physical distancing
  • Established group communication mechanisms (e.g. group chat) to have effective communication with tenants via unit leaders to keep us update of status and if any tenants falling sick
  • Identified resident ambassadors, kept their contacts and briefed them on responsibilities in the event of crises
  • Put up signages to remind residents to wear masks within dormitory and at common areas
  • Put up daily updates on COVID-19 cases in Malaysia and in areas near dormitory, i.e. Johor Bahru, Kulai and Seberang Prai Tengah (BUMI)
  • Placed and circulated relevant advisories and posters at each dormitory site

Important Contact Information

National Security Council
Hotline: +60 3 8888 2010
Johor Tel: +60 7 290 8007/8008/8012

Senai Tel: +60 7 599 1222
Kulai Tel: +60 7 663 2222
Bandar Dato Onn Tel: +60 7 352 5422
Tampoi Tel:- +60 7 2373222
Pasir Gudang Tel: +60 7 2513222

Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri
Pulau Pinang Tel: +60 4 262 9902
Johor Tel: +60 7 238 2217

Referral Hospitals
Hospital Pulau Pinang Tel: +60 4 222 5333
Sultanah Aminah Hospital Tel: +60 7 225 7000

Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Semenanjung Malaysia

  • +60 3 8889 2359
  • +60 3 8886 2409
  • +60 3 8890 2352
  • +60 3 8886 2352
  • +60 3 8888 9111