Management of Westlite Dormitory (JB TechPark) Sdn. Bhd. conducted a fire drill exercise at the dormitory on 26th June 2014 (Thursday), morning.

The fire drill was organized as a part of the plan of Westlite Dormitory for raising awareness among residents who come from different countries to be familiar with the response plan in the event of a fire. This event has also serve as a practice platform for the dormitory staffs to improve the capability in applying the response plan.




More than 1,500 residents were involved in the evacuation where the fire drill started with a ‘break out of smoke followed by fire at one of the resident building staircase corridor and the subsequent sounding of the alarm bell.’ With the alarm, the dormitory staffs sprang into action and assumed roles such as security team, first aid team, crowd control, usher, etc. and guided all residents to the safe assembly point

The following activities were also carry out together with residents during this fire drill:

  1. Sharing information and hands on practice on usage of the fire hydrant and extinguisher

  2. Basic first aid training